February 1st, 2011

Rihanna's "S&M" Video

Fucking epic. Melina and Rihanna have done it again (see Hard, Rudeboy, Rockstar 101). There are so many things that are fascinating about this video. For one, it's very David LaChapelle-ish, which is one of my favorite photographers:

Collapse )

Two; Perez Hilton as Rihanna's bitch. Wait, those were her words, not mine.

.. and three, it's full of everything Rihanna has become a pro at selling; sex, vivid imagery and attitude. The song itself, while a bit on the generic side (production wise), is sure to be another number one hit for her and will become another one of her many club anthems, right up there with Only Girl, Don't Stop The Music and Disturbia. I love this video so much that I would rank it as one of her best videos ever, definitely top five (along with, in no particular order; Hard, Rudeboy, Rockstar 101, Russian Roulette and Disturbia). While Loud might not be as great of an album as Rated R was, Rihanna is proving that it doesn't have to be. Sans Rudeboy, the singles off Loud are doing more than anything from Rated R ever did. Goes to show that while this might not necessarily be her best material, she is definitely giving us her best effort.

Its been a good month. Both my girls, Rihanna and P!nk, have delivered videos that have not only exceeded my expectations, but blew the rest of their contemporaries out the water. This my friends, is how a hot video is done. Cheers.