sant0 (sant0) wrote,

"X-Men First Class" Trailer

Following the success (and criticisms) of director Bryan Singer's three previous X-men films, this Matthew Vaughn-directed-X-men-prequel, which is scheduled for release on June 3rd, focuses on the beginning of the X-men saga, long before the world knew their true identities. Judging by what I've seen from the minute-long trailer, I am extremely anxious to see what the final outcome will be. Anyone who knows me knows that I am the biggest X-men fanboy, so when I heard that this film was in production, though a part of me was worried (of how inaccurate or low quality it would be), another part of me was rather excited and eager to see what this new director (and cast) would do with the incredibly rich and interesting saga that is X-men. Though it's too early to tell, and way too little to go by, I have to admit that I am more interested now than ever before. Bring it on.
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